Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RTB: BG 2010 More Volunteers Needed

Posted by Majlis Tertinggi Kelab UMNO Jakarta |


For everyone info, Sekretariat KULN is searching more students to be part of the Road To Bandung: Bandung Games 2010 working committee especially those from Jakarta. A briefieng will be held this coming Saturday for those interested in taking part.

Encouragement for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year students, to create more active and creative Malaysians students, together enhancing interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.

For everyone info, an Expo will be held in Jakarta to promote Malaysia and Bandung Games 2010 thus we would really appreciate Jakarta students participation in making it a success.

Grab your chance and email following details to now!

(Nama, Jurusan, Universiti, Tahun Tamat Pengajian, Alamat (Malaysia & Indonesia), No. Telefon (Malaysia & Indonesia), E-mail, Tajaan, Pengalaman & Penglibatan dlm Organisasi, Kemahiran Tertentu (jika ada), Kecenderungan Minat (Publisiti/ Acara/ Sponsor & Public Relations/ Kewangan/ Hal Ehwal Pelajar)